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Posted on February 24th, 2008

Although Casulo could be a alternative for people with a highly need for there mobile living, there is a big potential of those people, who just have a temporary need. And we believe that this market is highly undervalued.

For example foreign students, that can organise and pre-plan there bedroom for there semester abroad with a fix idea of the costs, job-workers, that have to stay for just a period of time in another city, and many others.

Solutions for renting furniture for a private market in principle don't exists. The service idea however was a basic aspect of our concept and is made for Casulo, because Casulo is fast, easy and durable* and the handling is economical and therefor financially rewarding.

We believe, that in terms of a rising mobile society, to rent the furniture for a bedroom will be as normal as renting a car, just in terms of "using instead of owning".

* Especially for this kind of market, we're planning to establish a version with no compromises in quality. A surface, that can get patina instead of getting old. A construction, where it is easy and economical to repair or replace parts if necessary.


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